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Building Resources for Anti-Violence Education
BRAVE People is an innovative grassroots organization founded to stop violence and its impact on our citizens and our society. BRAVE People teaches at-risk youth how to live safe, healthy lives. BRAVE People also offers our courses to community groups, schools, and businesses.
encompasses violence prevention; healthy mind and body education; communications skills and peer resistance techniques; understanding the media and how to use it, and economic skills. This comprehensive approach for at-risk youth will ensure that they have the tools to stop violence. Learn more

Our Mission

  • To reduce violence and the impact it has on at-risk youth
  • To teach a multi-faceted approach to violence-prevention through our A Brave Course that covers safety, health, understanding the media and how to use it, and economic skills education
  • To provide at-risk youth with free & low-cost, accessible training and education
  • To provide a safe place for our students to experience personal growth while learning techniques for living safe, healthy, economically responsible lives

Our Goals

BRAVE People's goal is to fill the need for professional training and education to thwart violence and the impact it has on our citizens and our society. BRAVE People’s short-term goals are to teach at-risk youth our comprehensive anti-violence program, called A BRAVE Course. Our long-term goals are to provide A BRAVE Course for community groups, schools, businesses, and government agencies. We want to ensure that all citizens get the training they need to live safe, healthy, economically independent lives. Ultimately, our goal is to end the cycle of violence and work toward a safer world for all of us to live in.


Violence in the U.S. is more rampant than ever, and youth are often the perpetrators and victims of violent crimes. FBI statistics show that 12-17 year olds are five times more likely to be crime victims than adults age 35 and over. Almost 3/4 of high school students believe that teenage violence is a major problem in the U.S. (Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence).
Many studies show that teenage crime is linked to “risk factors” such as violence in families and in communities and living in poverty. These risk factors are also linked to teenage pregnancy, gang membership, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use (ATOD), and sexually transmitted diseases among youth.

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