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Building Resources for Anti-Violence Education
BRAVE People is an innovative grassroots organization founded to stop violence and its impact on our citizens and our society. BRAVE People teaches at-risk youth how to live safe, healthy lives. BRAVE People also offers our courses to community groups, schools, and businesses.
encompasses violence prevention; healthy mind and body education; communications skills and peer resistance techniques; understanding the media and how to use it, and economic skills. This comprehensive approach for at-risk youth will ensure that they have the tools to stop violence. Learn more

What Our Graduates Have To Say About A BRAVE Course

"I learned how to be safe from BRAVE people. They helped teach my mom too." -Silvia

"I didn't think I was pretty. Helen helped me to stop thinking like that and be happy with myself." -Jane

"I want to study now, so I can make a better life for me and my family." -Maria

"I learned how to use my voice and say no, instead of doing what my boyfriend wants to do." - Heather

"I liked learning self defense. It made me feel strong. BRAVE People taught me things I need to know to be a powerful girl." - Valentina

I learned how to protect myself and I feel safer then I used to. -Tracy

BRAVE People taught me how to have healthy relationships with boys. -Alysha

I wish my mom could could take this class so she can feel good about herself like me now.
- Alejandra

I learned how to deal with some of my friend's who gossip and do other dangerous things. -Maddy

Helen made me believe in myself. I feel like I can go to college and make enough money to have the things that I want. -Mirabel

I love learning self-defense it makes me feel safe and powerful. -Karen

I learned to be treated with respect in all my relationships. -Jazmine

I learned a lot from BRAVE People. Helen made me feel more powerful. -Gabby

BRAVE People has taught me that I donít have to wear make-up or listen to what anyone else says to think I am beautiful. -Alma

I have learned that I need to be powerful and to do that I am going to go to college. -Melissa

I love that Helen taught me to be powerful and to be confident in myself. -Eliana

BRAVE People helped me love myself for who I am. Iíve also learned to let no one bring me down and to be a powerful girl. -Blanca

BRAVE People has taught me to love myself inside and out. -Axiri

BRAVE People has given me more confidence in myself. -Jesinica

A BRAVE Course taught me how to take care of my safety, health and finances. And how to make tough choices in my life. Their courses help me make significant life changes. -Heather

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