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Building Resources for Anti-Violence Education
BRAVE People is an innovative grassroots organization founded to stop violence and its impact on our citizens and our society. BRAVE People teaches at-risk youth how to live safe, healthy lives. BRAVE People also offers our courses to community groups, schools, and businesses.


encompasses violence prevention; healthy mind and body education; communications skills and peer resistance techniques; understanding the media and how to use it, and economic skills. This comprehensive approach for at-risk youth will ensure that they have the tools to stop violence. Learn more

Video clip from documentary on violence against women and self-defense
Featuring Eve Ensler of V-Day & Helen Grieco's A BRAVE Course.

BRAVE People

BRAVE People is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping violence and its impact on our citizens and our society. Its founders, Helen Grieco and Patrick Phair, had worked extensively in the Bay Area teaching community groups, businesses and government agencies. Some of their clients include: The Center for Young Women’s Development, Community United Against Violence, Hospitality House, Peets Coffee, and the Women’s Bureau of the Federal Department of Labor.


BRAVE People was founded by the owners of Defending Ourselves Self Defense School, Helen Grieco and Patrick Phair. Grieco and Phair had trained over 10,000 students in their A Brave Course curriculum. Together they brought the history and experience necessary to understand the needs of the population they serve. Their course has proven to be successful in getting youth out of gangs, back to school and onto productive lives, and in reducing violence and the incident of hate crimes against women, girls and the LGBTQQI community. Today, they serve as pro-bono advisors to BRAVE People.

For more information on BRAVE People contact Executive Director Catalina Castillo